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For four days each March, the town of Esperance comes alive with inspiring community Festival experiences. It is a time to enjoy our wonderful town and see Esperance with fresh eyes. The Festival gives us all a chance to engage with new experiences and celebrate our unique lifestyle. An investment in the Festival is not only an opportunity to achieve your business objectives and create a competitive advantage within your business sector; it is an investment in the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of our community.

We are able to create unique partnerships to meet your objectives, deliver tangible outcomes and optimise return on your investment.  There are various levels of financial support available and a range benefits and leveraging opportunities depending on your objectives.  

A new and energetic committee are currently working hard behind the scenes to ensure that the 2017 Festival of the Wind will be a vibrant, high calibre event attracting over 8000 visitors/attendees across the entire weekend.

There is an array of community enriching events within our program that you can align your business with. 

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