Darian Le Page – Mime Artist


Darian Le Page’s mime is a new take on a very old art. He started performing mime spontaneously while travelling in Dublin. A friend dared him to do ‘that mime trick you do/ out in the Grafton Street mall”. With no costume, he started miming a ‘wall’ and a very large crowd quickly formed, much to his surprise. His surprise grew when some people started throwing two pound coins on the ground! (He had no hat to put down). He soon quit his school teaching job and started travelling around Europe, donning his $3 white cotton gloves and a hat on the ground whenever he saw a crowd. In this way he earned all of his travelling expenses for five months, in most of the Western countries in Europe.

12 years later, Darian has developed his mime to the point where he is in high demand, both as a performer and a teacher of mime. His clients include community festivals, private parties, corporate events, weddings and music festivals. His mime workshops range between high schools to professionals.

In 2010 Darian travelled to Europe for his third time performing, and amongst others, he performed at the International Busker’s Festival at Lenzburg, Switzerland. This particular festival has a competition with 21 acts from all over the world, selected from hundreds who had applied. Darian came 6th out of the 21 acts.

Apart from his favourite suited waiter mime character, Darian also does Charlie Chaplin (the silent movie version), a black and white harlequin (jester), a silver robot character and a Christmas Elf. He is also happy to consider just about any other costume for events that have their own theme.

Festival of the Wind Esperance Odyssey

For Festival of the Wind, Darian will be performing each day throughout various locations.  Look out for him at post office square, Museum Village and by the Tanker Jetty.

Darian will also be working with volunteer Living Statues, teaching them some mime techniques to help them with their performance throughout the Festival.

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 Come see Darian Le Page at Esperance Odyssey

Come see Darian Le Page at Esperance Odyssey