Festival of the wind


Festival of the Wind has been developing fantastic events for Esperance since 1997. 

Over time, perhaps because we're always thinking about the sustainability of the town and its beautiful natural surroundings, the Wind in our name came to be a reference to the magnificent wind turbines west of town which supply much of Esperance's electricity.

But that's not where the name started.  Wind is a constant in Esperance and those first organisers had a vision that is still true today.  Wind is always going to be here and you really are going to have to love it!  Celebrating Esperance is literally a cool thing to do.

Our founding organisers gave us another enduring gift.  They established the practice of bringing artists and artisans to our remote community to work with local people as they create and construct  and it's from that learning process that FOTW events grow.

Along the way, while the content is always different, some favourites about the format have developed.  So whether your interest is in food or music, or beer or film there's something different to experience at a range of locations across Esperance.  Or if you're looking for activities for your kids to get involved in, there will be something wonderful and with market stalls right nearby.  There are workshops to take part in or  street performers to watch and best of all people out and enjoying the best there is and so many ways to Celebrate Esperance.

Festival of the Wind Logo competition 

For the past 9 years we have invited local designers to submit ideas for a logo for our festival.

The logo competition marks the start of the festival planning and mixes FOTW's vision with the community focus of the moment. 

From a range of ideas supplied by applicants, Jayde Guest won the honour of branding Festival of the Wind.

Her work encapsulates many local iconic images: the whale tail sculpture, the amazing sunsets over the sea, wind and our majestic wind farms.

Bio of Jayde

Jayde Guest is a much loved local identity, who began her career in hairdressing and beauty.  Now a mum, who studied photography at the then Curtin University Esperance campus, Jayde soon started Jayde Guest Photography and developed a .reputation for her family, baby and wedding portraits.  In 2013, Jayde undertook a graphic design course with a focus on photoshop and photography at Goldfields Institute of Technology. After this course she hasn’t looked back!

In August last year, while working on her last assignment, she noticed the Festival of the Wind logo competition and decided to enter.  Jayde is as excited to have won as we are that we are able to share her work! 

Jayde is now looking forward to sharing her designs and photographs with anyone needing affordable branding work and we'd like to add that we found her to be incredibly client-focussed and responsive to work with.

Contact Jayde at jaydeguestphotography@gmail.com


 Winning FOTW Logo 2015, Jayde Guest

Winning FOTW Logo 2015, Jayde Guest

 Jayde Guest winner of FOTW logo competition 2015 

Jayde Guest winner of FOTW logo competition 2015